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We buy what catches our eye. This goes for clothing, sure, but especially for accessories. We shop for a mood, a feeling, a statement. But gaining insight into what shapes from a line the designer actually uses on a daily basis speaks volumes about both those styles and the designer herself.

We asked Paige, a dyed in the wool minimalist, which handbags from her eponymous line she designed for herself (or fell in love with after the fact), and these are the five styles she can’t live without:






Stella in Black: Looking into Paige’s Stella is like looking into the mind of a genius: chaos packed with precise intention. Her 13” MacBook Pro, scads of file folders, notebooks, sketches, swatches, and so much more are harmoniously housed in this weather-proof best-seller.

Her Stella has more frequent flier miles than most of us will have in our lifetime & continues to perform while looking brand-new.

Paige’s Tip: Because Stella fits under your plane seat, bring her as your carry-on & save on the new overhead compartment storage fees.


Jessica Scarlet Glossy

Jessica Flat Tote in Scarlet Glossy: Jessica is Paige’s constant companion. She designed this silhouette specifically with the insanely busy working woman in mind by leaving it open at the top for simple access. Here lives her iPad, dog leashes, date book, more sketches, more swatches, more notebooks, (you get the idea). The unmilled natural leather straps are soft against bare skin & don’t cause irritation or chafing in these warmer months, and the glossy canvas is water- and weather-proof which will keep Jessica safe from the elements.

Paige’s Tip: Bring Jessica along with your “everything” bag to give a pulled together, pared down option that you can fill with essentials and leave the rest behind.


Jenna Navyy

Jenna Messenger in Navy: Paige loves being a tourist in L.A. even though she has lived here for over a decade. She frequents the revolving exhibits at LACMA, KCRW First Fridays, farm-to-table dining, and anywhere else that sounds like an urban or beachside adventure.

For these excursions, she always brings Jenna. Light as a feather, she has the capability of holding the basics-plus (daily unplugged essentials + mobile devices), and the adjustable leather strap allows one to also wear Jenna as a shoulder bag, a feature that gives her more versatility and ease of wear.

Paige’s Tip: Keep your cell phone and keys in the hidden front pockets to avoid the time-sucking “rummage”.


melinda nouveau

Melinda Nouveau in Black: Melinda is the day-to-day choice for the fuss-free minimalist. Also, please be prepared for everyone and their best friend asking you about this bag! Chalk full of Paige’s signature design details, it was a no brainer that she would carry this style almost exclusively. Roomy and still dainty, Melinda never loses her feminine edge. And she’s got edge.

Paige’s Tip: Keep the nylon body clean with a baby wipe for normal spills & use 409* sprayed on a warm, damp cloth for stubborn messes. (*Avoid contact between the 409 and the leather trim.)


Charlotte Bronze Shimmer_new

Charlotte in Bronze Shimmer: Date night, drinks with friends, and formal events call for a dressier bag, sure, but it’s important not to lose functionality while sizing down. For this reason, Paige designed and carries the Charlotte: a 3-in-1 crossbody/shoulder bag/clutch hybrid with a larger body than most special occasion bags. Her choice: Bronze Shimmer! The rich satin shade performs as a sultry neutral that works with white, black, and everything in between.

Paige’s tip: Wear the satin shimmer irreverently! Pair with jeans and an Anthro top for a pop of unexpected luxe. When pairing with a dress, keep your accessories simple and instead go for a metallic, smoky eye.


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